Engage and Empower Distance Learners through Project-Based Learning Webinar Discussions

Increase collaboration, get students to submit higher-quality work, come up with engaging project ideas. 

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‘Dive Deeper’ With Blended Project-Based Learning Webinar Discussion Series

In this three part Webinar and Discussion Series you will learn how to better engage and empower your socially distanced learners through project-based learning. Four seasoned PBL practitioners, from early years to primary and secondary, will share examples and facilitate discussions around simple strategies to increase student collaboration, foster higher-quality remote work, and come up with meaningful project ideas that connect passion, purpose and people. You will walk away with a virtual toolkit of resources.

Driving Question: How can we build a community toolkit of virtual resources to better engage and empower our socially distanced learners through project-based learning?


Who It's For

Teachers, Team Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Edtech Facilitators, and anyone else wanting to improve their delivery of project-based experiences online



Tuesday, March 23rd: Coming up with great project ideas 
Tuesday, March 30th: Increasing Student Collaboration
Tuesday, April 6th: Fostering High-Quality, Professional Work

5:30-6:30 pm PST



$39.99 USD for all three sessions or $99 USD for teams of 3 (Note: You can attend one, two or all three sessions)

Attend one or all three sessions. 


Final Product

A virtual toolkit of resources, strategies and tips for better engaging distance or hybrid learners through Project-Based Learning.  



  • Learn simple Virtual Tools for Group Collaboration

  • Develop strategies for students to manage group work independently

  • Gain simple structures to support students in submitting beautiful and professional work

  • Learn systems to build in student reflection and feedback 

  • Gain strategies for coming up with meaningful project ideas that merge curriculum, real world problems and student interest

  • Learn to engage students in meaningful project work



  • Three Webinars

  • Facilitated Breakout Discussions by expert PBL facilitators according to each age group

  • Connection to a community of practitioners

  • Helpful resources

  • SlideDeck and Community Curated Ideas

  • Certificate for 3 Professional Development Hours


Session Overviews

Session 1: Come up with Meaningful Project Ideas that engage all learners


In this session, you will learn tools, strategies and insights from expert practitioners on how to come up with a project idea that combines passion, purpose and people.

Date: Tuesday, March 22nd from 5:30-6:30 pm PST Time. 


a. Come up with a killer project idea in 10 minutes or less
b. Seamlessly integrate academic standards and skills
c. Engage students in meaningful project work 

Session 2: Increase student collaboration and effective group project work online

In this session you will learn tools, strategies and insights from expert practitioners for helping increase collaboration in remote project-based experiences. 

Date: Tuesday, March 23rd from 5:30-6:30 pm PST Time.


a. Simple Online Tools for Group Collaboration
b. Structures to support group work
c. How to seamlessly divide group roles and ensure all students contribute
d. How to help your students collaborate without your help

Session 3: How to Get Students to Submit Higher-Quality Work

In this session you will learn tools, strategies and insights from PBL practitioners on how to get your students to submit professional, beautiful work.  

Date: Tuesday, April 6th from 5:30-6:30 pm PST Time. 


a. Simple structures to help students submit beautiful and professional work
b. How to build in student reflection and feedback seamlessly online
c. How to get your lowest performers to outshine your high achievers 
Moderator Bio

Kyle Wagner is the founder and lead trainer for Transform Educational Consulting Limited, an organization that empowers forward thinking schools to grow and develop 21st century learners through Project-Based Learning.

His work helping teachers design and deliver project- based learning experiences spans 12 years, three continents, 30+ schools and districts, and over 1000 innovative educators. His mission is to transform the world through PBL. As the former founder of Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing, he witnessed first hand the transformative power of project-based learning as students worked with authors to publish professional books, environmental engineers to conduct scientific field studies and share findings, urban farmers to grow and cultivate their own food, and with governmental officials to influence public policy change. His book “The Power of SIMPLE,” documents these experiences and helps provide simple, research- based strategies for innovative educators to create the conditions for these experiences in their classrooms and schools.

Kyle got his start with project-based learning at High Tech High, the infamous project-based learning school featured on the hit documentary “Most Likely to Succeed.” He holds a M.Ed. (Masters Degree) in Teacher Leadership with a thesis that focuses on developing democratic classrooms and distributed leadership models. When not writing or teaching, he is performing with his original band, participating in karaoke contests and traveling the world with his partner. He currently resides in Hong Kong where he spends time developing schools of the future while helping other school leaders build theirs.


Sara Lev

Early Childhood Teacher and PBL Specialist  

Sara Lev is the co-author of the book Implementing Project Based Learning in Early Childhood: Overcoming Misconceptions and Reaching Success (Routledge, 2020) and is a contributing author to the upcoming NCTM book Making Mathematics Come Alive in the Elementary Classroom with Project-Based Learning (edited by Jean S. Lee and Enrique Galindo, anticipated April, 2021). She has been an early childhood teacher in public, private and charter school settings since 2005, and currently teaches Transitional Kindergarten in Los Angeles. Sara received her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College in New York City, and is a member of the National Faculty of PBLWorks where she facilitates Project Based Learning workshops for PreK-12 educators. Sara enjoys working with educators both nationally and internationally, supporting teachers and school leaders in implementing learner-centered practices and approaches into all classroom settings. She brings her passion for young children to every teaching, learning, coaching, and consulting opportunity.

Linda Amici

Year 5 Virtual Academy Teacher and PBL Specialist 

Linda Amici is an educator from Westerville, Ohio. She’s been teaching fifth grade for 15 years. She also serves as a part time faculty member of Otterbein University, working with both pre-service and current teachers. Linda specializes in Project Based Instructional Design, global literacy, and social studies education. She has participated in the Out of the Gate collaborative grant partnership with PBL Works and Otterbein for three years, mentoring both pre-service and practicing teachers to create and implement high-quality Project Based Learning. She graduated from the Ohio State University. Her Master’s Degree is in Curriculum and Instruction. Linda’s passion is to empower future leaders to “be the change” the world needs. She has worked overseas on projects to bring health and clean water to remote locations of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Amazon river basin. She was the Inspirational Teacher Award winner for the state of Ohio in 2019 through Sanford and the National University System. Her work has been highlighted by PBL Works, Transform Education, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), Ohio Ed Tech, Ohio Middle Level Association, PBL Matters, PBL Ohio Institute, Teacher Success Summit, National Center for Urban School Transformation, and We are One Team Podcast. She is a Google Certified Educator. Linda is part of a blended family, which includes six children, one dog, and a small herd of guinea pigs. In her free time, she enjoys reading, biking, kayaking, and keeping herself and her community strong and healthy by teaching fitness classes to all ages. You can contact her at lindaamici1@gmail.com or on Twitter @LindaAmici

Michael Niehoff

Educator, Leader, Writer, Student Advocate

Michael is a lifelong learner who has always advocated for authentic learning experiences, student agency and innovation. After several years in the media industry, he became an educator to empower students to ideate, create and advocate. Currently, he is focusing on content creation/storytelling, PBL coaching and project design and implementation work. He has been a teacher, advisor, director, site leader, coach and adult professional learning facilitator. His students, programs and school sites have been recognized by Apple, Google, CUE, NASSP, NOD, AMAE, CLHS, CSBA, CVCUE, CADA, JEA and many others. He was the founding principal of the award-winning, 1:1, project-based Minarets High School / Minarets Charter High School that opened in 2008. He is a columnist for Getting Smart and EdSurge, but has also contributed content to District Administration, ISTE, Next Gen Learning, P21, eSchool News, Educational Technology & Mobile Learning, USC Rossier Online, Grey Ed Solutions and Ed Social Media. He also publishes regularly on his own Education Blog entitled Edu Change & Student Advocacy. Michael is a Google Certified Innovator who has facilitated professional learning for iLEAD Schools, the Maker Learning Network, PBLWorks, CUE and others. His areas of focus include, but are not limited to project-based learning, career technical education, school culture, new literacies and skills, transformational leadership, student voice & choice, ed tech integration, school redesign and more. He is a past CUE & CVCUE Site Leader of the Year, as well as an ACSA Region IX Secondary Principal of the Year. Follow him on Twitter @mwniehoff or learn more about him at Learners Empowered.


Angie Nastovska 

Director of Humanities and Innovation ILEAD Schools

Angie Jasna Nastovska is a dynamic and passionate educator with over 14 years of experience in education. Upon finishing a Dental Technician Vocational college and experiencing the solitary practice of this profession, she was determined to enter the field of education. Upon finishing a BA in English Language and Literature, and getting a teaching credential, she started working at a local college and university, in Macedonia (South East European University). Traveling the world since she was little, she enjoyed a very diverse experience in education on long- and short-term projects (6-8 months) in many countries as well as the U.S. (Washington D.C., New, York, and Texas). In the meantime, she gained another AA in Early Childhood Education, MS in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment, and PhD in Ed. Leadership. Angie’s experience and passion include: Early Childhood Ed.; K-12 Public and Charter Schools Initiatives; International Baccalaureate Program (Coordinator, Administrator, English, TOK, C AS, EE); Project Based Learning; Proficiency/Competency Based Learning; Advisory programs; Love and Logic; 7 Habits; Global Online Educational Training Design (IB); Portfolio Based Assessment etc. Currently she serves as a Director of Humanities and Innovative Programs at iLEAD Schools.

Emilie Evenson

Leadership Resident and Online Engagement Expert K-8 iLEAD Online

Emilie lives for adventure! She is a digital nomad that has seen educational systems all over the world. Emilie loves her current adventure as an employee at iLEAD Charter Schools, where, like many charter schools, she wears multiple hats as a facilitator, counselor, and coordinator. Emilie has a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a Masters in Education with a PPS Credential in School Counseling. When she is not on a plane or contemplating where to go next, you will find her creating new, innovative, out-of-the-box projects and learning experiences for students. Emilie has facilitated virtual classrooms and online courses for the last 5 years. She passionate about social and emotional learning and exposing the world to students. Ms. Evenson strongly believes in real-life, deeper learning and she strives to create that through project-based learning, online courses, and field studies. Learning should always be an adventure.


Kathleen Fredette

Director of STEAM Initiatives 

Mom of 4 up-and-out amazing sons; married to my best friend for 35 years. Masters in STEM Curriculum and Design, BA in Biblical Studies and Communications. As a specialist in gifted education, PBL was the air that we breathed; after teaching multi-age elementary gifted for many years, I moved on to the dark side of middle school. After being selected to fly on a NASA SOFIA Mission in 2012, my focus shifted to STEM and aerospace, which eventually led to getting my private pilot rating in gliders. All of this has deeply influenced the flavor of authentic aerospace projects that I’ve had the privilege to develop and lead. Last year I had the honor and challenge of co-leading the iLEAD DreamUp to Space Virtual Mission, offered to any learners in the iLEAD family. As a result of this project, two virtual teams of learners are launching an experiment to ISS in May 2021. It forced me to get “stuck in” on developing frameworks to move through a challenging project. We learned so much from that experience and it’s colored all the work connected to engaging and inspiring young people even in the midst of very difficult circumstances. And finding a lot of joy while doing it.

Dive Deeper with Blended Project-Based Learning Webinar Series

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$39.99 USD for the Series or $99 USD for teams of three (submit payment above)