PBL Expert Practitioner Virtual Mentorship Program

Grow and develop socially, emotionally and globally aware citizens through project-based learning.


This intensive 5 month coaching program is designed to help learners already familiar with project design, apply the twelve major shifts for effective PBL implementation to transform learning in their classrooms. Participants will evaluate current practice; establish personalised goals for more effective implementation; meet regularly in small virtual PLC cohorts to overcome challenges and gain feedback; receive coaching and mentoring in their classroom; and develop digital portfolios demonstrating their overall growth. They will leave the program more confident to create a personalized, student-centered classroom that support students’ social, emotional and global growth.


Who It's For

Teacher Leads, Team Leaders, EdTech Coordinators, Instructional Coaches, Middle Managers and others wanting to dive deeper into PBL


40 hours total
2 hours per week for 5 months


$1,200 USD per person
Minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 per cohort


  • Learn how to shift from teacher to facilitator of learning
  • Learn how to connect interdisciplinary content in PBL experiences
  • Learn how to engage the community, host exhibitions and find real world audiences for student work
  • Learn strategies to develop student inquiry
  • Gain confidence to effectively team and group students and differentiate the PBL classroom
  • Better empower students to become independent learners who self monitor and evaluate their own progress
  • Create emotional, social and globally aware citizens


  • Bi- Weekly Cohort Meetings for virtual group coaching
  • Virtual repository for resources, videos, case studies, and lessons to better understand and implement each shift
  • Virtual Digital Portfolio Development and Review
  • Expert facilitation and coaching from practitioner
  • One free ‘mentor’ from school site to help support teacher growth
  • Certificate for 40 Professional Development hours
“Kyle’s ability to discern the needs of students, develop mission-aligned school goals, and empower teachers is truly remarkable. With a hands-on action-oriented approach, Kyle balances ideas and content, with self-discovery and group collaboration in an artful way that is unique and authentic. He has the ability to challenge outdated educational ideas in a way that is positive and exciting. Educators don’t feel judged or defensive with Kyle because he has a way of building trust and unifying groups through common goals. He has been at the center of the conversation around innovative education for many years and his experience has given him time to test theories, see results, and measure effectiveness over time. He is a joy to work with and I am very thankful for the ways he continues to inspire my practice while boldy pioneering the future of education.”

Matt Neylon

Director of Visual & Performing Arts
The Mount Vernon School
Atlanta, GA

“Kyle made our PD feel individualized – the personal anecdotes and the friendliness made leaning these new techniques feel both accessible and approachable.”


Year 10 Humanities Teacher
“Kyle’s training pushed us past our comfort zones and provided students with a deeper level of engagement, rigor, active learning and critical thinking.”

Anne Robinson

Instructional Coach at Gompers Prep
“Kyle helped me confront my areas for improvement, make things more SIMPLE, and encouraged my team to ensure they were doing some outstanding stuff.”

Amar Sharma

Year 7 Team Leader
Facilitator Bio

Kyle Wagner is the founder and lead consultant for Transform Educational Consulting, an organization that empowers forward thinking schools to grow and develop 21st century learners.

His work with project- based learning and design thinking experiences spans 12 years, three continents and over 15 schools. He has worked with successful public, charter and international schools in the Asia region including ESF, YCIS, IMS and ISB, HARBOUR SCHOOL and VTC. He is the former Coordinator of Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing, a program that uses interdisciplinary project- based learning to connect students to their passions and the world outside of school. His book “The Power of SIMPLE” documents this experience and helps provide simple, research- based strategies for developing students as 21st century problem solvers.

Kyle is also a former educator and project leader at High Tech High, the famous project-based learning school featured on the hit documentary “Most Likely to Succeed.” He holds a M.Ed. (Masters Degree) in Teacher Leadership with a thesis that focuses on developing democratic classrooms and distributed leadership models. When not writing or teaching, he is performing with his original band, participating in karaoke contests and traveling the world with his partner. He currently resides in Hong Kong where he spends time developing schools of the future while helping other school leaders build theirs.

Become a master PBL practitioner
in less than 6 months.