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I help courageous schools committed to making learning more relevant and meaningful for students. Schools and programs I work with seek the following transformations:

  • Increased Student Agency
  • Deeper and more authentic connections with the community
  • Development of key 21st Century Skills including collaboration, communication, creativity, complex problem solving
  • Teams of reflective practitioners


  • Schools seeking the latest fads or trends in education without being committed to the work that create lasting IMPACTS.
  • School leaders that are more about shiny new marketing material than DEEPENING learning.   

Project-Based Learning

With online, immersive, and whole-year options, our workshops are designed for individual teachers or schools to take as they transition to offering more project-based experiences for their students.

Why Project-Based Learning?

Quite simply, PBL is the best approach to learning for a rapidly developing 21st Century.

Project-Based Learning:

  • Engages students: By providing students with real-world projects, school has new meaning for students.
  • Provides 21st Century Skills: Project- Based Learning helps foster the 21st Century Skills most crucial for success in a rapidly changing world.
  • Improves student learning: PBL helps students to make meaning of content as they are able to apply the content to real- world situations.
  • Prepares students for college and life: When students enter college and the workforce, they will be asked to engage in projects that ask them to work as a team. Project- Based Learning will help teach students how to engage with and lead these teams.

Project-Based Learning Training 2019-2020

As you approach the end of the 2019 school year I wonder if you have thought of PD opportunities for next year. 

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of project- based learning? Looking for the tools to run engaging, rigorous and highly successful projects with students in the upcoming year? 

Through 12 years of PBL experience, I have put together three concise trainings that will help you achieve the following: 

  • Develop 21st Century Skills in your Students (the 4 C’s)
  • Understand how to structure and plan milestones within a project 
  • Incorporate rigorous content, skills and standards mandated by your curriculum
  • Develop and enhance student inquiry
  • Create a driving question that engages students  
  • Tools to help you manage and assess learning in the project process 

After looking over each training program, if you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me via e-mail: so we can see which is the best fit for you and your school.

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Strategic Planning

What’s your school’s vision? Whether it’s connecting students to the community, developing critical thinkers or creating global citizens, we help you reach your vision in less than a year’s time. We help you create a strategic plan that is flexible and adaptive to new opportunities and demands.

What does Strategic Planning entail?

  • Developing mission and vision statements for new programs
  • Creation of strategic initiatives to reach those goals
  • Communication plans and gathering community support
  • Design of reporting systems and metrics for evaluation
  • Training and empowerment of teacher teams
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Personalized Learning

We work with teacher leaders to develop personalized learning opportunities and curriculum for their students, and provide school leaders with the ability to support them. We have experience in developing some of the most innovative personalized learning experiences, from passion projects, blended online curriculum, flipped classroom models, and differentiated instruction.

Why Personalized Learning?

  • Transforms student learning: Research shows that students achieve more when becoming actively involved in their learning.
  • Infuses technology: With technology readily available at student’s fingertips, individualized learning allows students to learn content and skills most relevant to their own needs.
  • Allows more invidiualized attention: With individualized learning curriculum, teachers have more time to offer small group instruction to students.
  • Teaches students how to learn: In the informational age, an individualized approach teaches students how to set their own learning goals, and access the information to help get them reach them
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Interdisciplinary Learning

Want to foster deeper learning in your students? Want to encourage more collaboration amongst your staff? Effectively implementing interdisciplinary learning at your school will dramatically improve school culture and transform isolated work in subject-specific silos, to meaningful cross-curricular experiences for your students.  

Why Interdisciplinary Learning?

Interdisciplinary learning allows schools to best impact student learning by:

  • Covering deeper content: Provides connections between subject- matter and allows teacher leaders to better align their units to better meet the Common Core and other currculum standards.
  • Encouraging collaboration: Encourages collaboration amongst teachers and students as they now have a shared responsibility for learning.
  • Allowing for more authentic assessments: Encourages teacher teams to develop assessments that have a real- world context, challenging students to think on a deeper level.
  • Preparing students for college and life: When students enter college and the workforce, they will be asked to engage in interdisciplinary projects that ask them to work as a team. Interdisciplinary Learning will help teach students how to engage with and lead these teams.
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Keynote Speeches

Need an inspiring keynote to kick-off your educational conference?

Transform Educational Consulting can equip educators with actual case studies of the impact that innovative experiences have on student learning.

Previous Keynote Topics

  • Project- Based Learning and its impact on Student Achievement
  • Tech Integration
  • 21st Century Learning
  • Future Ready Skills and how to prepare students
  • Micro Schools
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What you will get by working with me

Hands-on, relational consultation tailored around YOUR needs. In the same way we seek to personalize learning for our students, I personalize trainings I deliver for each school/ client I work with.



Step 1: Listen and Observe

The consulting process starts with phone calls and observations to better understand your vision and professional development goals so we can develop the best professional development plan.
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Step 2: Develop Proposal

Next, we develop a comprehensive PD proposal that includes clear deliverables to help you meet those goals.

Step 3: Build Capacity

We work with teachers and teacher leaders in trainings and workshops to develop capacity to deliver innovative experiences and deepen student learning.

Step 4: Deliver

Finally, we help you implement targeted strategies with students to deepen their learning and create meaningful learning experiences.

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