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Transforming education one school at a time.

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I help courageous schools committed to making learning more relevant and meaningful for students. Schools and programs I work with seek the following transformations:

  • Increased Student Agency
  • Deeper and more authentic connections with the community
  • Development of key 21st Century Skills including collaboration, communication, creativity, complex problem solving
  • Teams of reflective practitioners


  • Schools seeking the latest fads or trends in education without being committed to the work that create lasting IMPACTS.
  • School leaders that are more about shiny new marketing material than DEEPENING learning.   


This blended training will help give your teachers the confidence to begin implementing project- based experiences in a limited context at your school. 

Who is this good for?

It’s perfect for schools with tight curricular requirements, looking for ways to integrate standards and skills into high-quality PBL experiences. It includes a short ‘hackathon’ workshop on- site; followed by an immersive online training with videos, project examples and guides for teachers to complete at their own pace; and finally project reviews conducted by expert PBL facilitators.


This training is designed for those who have already started PBL but want to improve practice and integrate it more fluidly in their school. 

Who do we work with?

TEC works with small teams of teachers in both a physical and virtual setting to help teachers develop the skills and mindsets that make for the most effective PBL delivery. Through personalized instructional coaching with a group of fellow practitioners, teachers learn strategies to manage student groups; deepen student inquiry; create systems for feedback and reflection; and grow and develop self- directed learners. The training includes digital badges and certificates for PD hours.

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The PBL advanced package is for schools who have made a long term commitment to project- based learning. TEC helps these schools work with various stakeholders including parents, teachers, school leaders, and students to evaluate current PBL implementation and create strategic plans and structures for improved delivery. 

What does the training include?

The training includes a series of workshops, ‘on- site’ days and virtual coaching. This training can be adapted based on the schools’ needs.

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Keynote Speeches

Need an inspiring keynote to kick-off your educational conference?

Transform Educational Consulting can equip educators with actual case studies of the impact that innovative experiences have on student learning.

Previous Keynote Topics

  • Project- Based Learning and its impact on Student Achievement
  • Tech Integration
  • 21st Century Learning
  • Future Ready Skills and how to prepare students
  • Micro Schools
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What you will get by working with me

Hands-on, relational consultation tailored around YOUR needs. In the same way we seek to personalize learning for our students, I personalize trainings I deliver for each school/ client I work with.



Step 1: Listen and Observe

The consulting process starts with phone calls and observations to better understand your vision and professional development goals so we can develop the best professional development plan.
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Step 2: Develop Proposal

Next, we develop a comprehensive PD proposal that includes clear deliverables to help you meet those goals.

Step 3: Build Capacity

We work with teachers and teacher leaders in trainings and workshops to develop capacity to deliver innovative experiences and deepen student learning.

Step 4: Deliver

Finally, we help you implement targeted strategies with students to deepen their learning and create meaningful learning experiences.

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