12 Shifts for Learner-Centered Classrooms Master Class Program

Become a master facilitator of learning in less than 8 months 


Dear Learner-Centered Practitioner,

Thank you so much for commitment to creating more ‘learner-centered’ classrooms and experiences. The icons you see pictured here represent the 12 shifts for creating the conditions that will develop more reflective, empowered learners, and allow you to shift from a teacher of content, to a facilitator of learning. They are based on 15+ years of experience in teaching and leading project-based experiences in some of the most renowned project-based learning schools in the world. 

I organized this accelerated masterclass certificate program to help you make these shifts in less than 10 months. You will develop empowered learners who are:

  • Self-directed
  • Able to collaborate, communicate, create, think critically, and demonstrate 21st century skills
  • Assess and reflect thoughtfully on their work
  • Able to guide their own learning through thoughtful questions

After reading over the master class program, if you think it’s a good fit, please apply above and I will be in touch shortly.


Co-Designed Learning

The design and implementation of learning experiences is co-constructed with student input, including resources, activities, assessments, and final products.

Pursuit of Interests/ Real World-Problems

Formative assessments build student understanding to solve real world problem with multiple opportunities for self, peer and expert feedback. Evaluation of project goals and processes is explicit and based on clear criteria.


Facilitator provides multiple opportunities for students to reflect on work, growth and deeper understandings/questions with the help of peers, experts, and community members.  

Critique and Feedback

A relevant combination of students, teacher, peers and experts provide continual feedback and coaching on student work, both in process of completion, and in the product of the learning experience.

Guided By Inquiry

Authentic and meaningful milestones and inquiry drive the learning process. Processes, templates and activities support deeper student inquiry with teacher acting as facilitator.

Real World Inquiry/Product/Service

In the process of the project, students create relevant, professional work that serves purpose in the real world outside of school, with multiple opportunities for reflection and feedback.

Collaborative Work

Students regularly collaborate throughout the learning experience to complete project work with group members, the community and for the clients/ audience they intend to serve. Innovative Facilitator creates opportunities and protocols to foster this collaboration.

Facilitated/Socratic Discussion

Socratic discussions, forums, and scaffolded learning experiences allow students to progressively dive deeper and find success within the project. Teacher helps set up learning experiences but takes a ‘back seat’ role, facilitating project work from behind the scenes.

Student Questions

Students drive their own learning experiences through deep inquiry, with the teacher establishing routines, protocols, forums and processes to extend and support it.

Relevant, Transdisciplinary

Skills and content work together across different subjects to help fulfil the goals and big understandings of the project based learning experience. Facilitators/teachers working together in a cross-disciplinary team to support students.

Authentic, Public Audience

An authentic, public audience is used for exhibition of student work, and during numerous stages of project completion. Students help find this audience on their own with gentle guidance from the Facilitator (Teacher).

Community Impact

Project work has a clear community impact that extends beyond the classroom. Community experts, beneficiaries, experiential learning trips, parents, platforms and systems are used to improve work quality and make the experiences more meaningful and relevant.

Who It's For

Teacher Leads, Team Leaders, EdTech Coordinators, Instructional Coaches, Middle Managers and others wanting to dive deeper into PBL


2 synchronous coaching meetings per month (bi-weekly)
Minimum 6 month commitment


$1,295 USD one time payment for the program or $495 USD per module (4 shifts/master classes per module)

Minimum of 6 practitioners in each cohort. One free mentor per 5 practitioners per school.


  • Shift from classroom teacher to facilitator of project-based learning experiences
  • Learn how to form interdisciplinary teams and deliver cross-curricular content
  • Learn how to engage the community, host exhibitions and find real world audiences for student work
  • Learn strategies to develop and guide student inquiry
  • Gain confidence to effectively team and group students and differentiate the PBL classroom
  • Empower students to become self-regulating, independent learners
  • Create emotional, social and globally aware citizens


  • Bi- Weekly cohort Meetings for virtual group coaching
  • Virtual repository of resources
  • Digital Portfolio Development and Review
  • Expert facilitation and coaching from practitioner
  • One free ‘mentor’ from school site to help support teacher growth
  • Certificate for 32 PD Hours

“Kyle’s ability to discern the needs of students, develop mission-aligned school goals, and empower teachers is truly remarkable. With a hands-on action-oriented approach, Kyle balances ideas and content, with self-discovery and group collaboration in an artful way that is unique and authentic. Educators don’t feel judged or defensive with Kyle because he has a way of building trust and unifying groups through common goals. He has been at the center of the conversation around innovative education for many years and his experience has given him time to test theories, see results, and measure effectiveness over time. He is a joy to work with and I am very thankful for the ways he continues to inspire my practice while boldy pioneering the future of education.”  

Matt Neylon

Director of Visual & Performing Arts
The Mount Vernon School
Atlanta, GA

“Despite what some people may think, finding a learning cohort that you feel comfortable with being vulnerable in as well as being challenged by is not easy.  However, I have found it in Kyle Wagner’s Coaching group. Since becoming a part of this community, I have connected to passionate educators whose voices represent teaching experiences from around the world who have opened my eyes to new perspectives and pedagogies, inspiring deep thinking and reflection with every meeting. During a time where the world is divided and isolated in so many ways, the cohort has provided a “soft place to land,” an opportunity to connect and dialogue with colleagues whose love for teaching transcends race, gender, and political affiliation. Due to the goals formulated within this dynamic group, my experiences in the classroom have broadened, and my desire to incorporate project-based learning into every facet of instruction has grown from a flame to a wildly raging fire which has ignited my students, the ultimate victors, to shine.” – Brett Carrier, Fifth Grade Language Arts Instructor


“When I had the chance to join Kyle’s online sessions at the end of last year, I never envisaged that online learning will soon become the only media of learning for the whole world!  While admiring his vision and foresight, I thoroughly enjoy the sessions we have online.  Kyle is inspiring, creative and resourceful. I love the way Kyle runs the sessions.  We have routine and yet there are always something new.  From the small tricks to do online sessions on how to organise PBL, there are so much to learn and explore.  Book reading and discussion, talking to the great minds within our group, being helped and supported, feeling being re-educated, I feel I have learnt more in the past 6 months than 6 years!  Most importantly, Kyle makes everyone feel valued and eager to learn – I think this is the most powerful message an educator could send.” – Yang Zhao, IGCSE Maths Program Coordinator


As teachers, we’ve all had times when we feel unmotivated, when teaching becomes monotonous. Kyle’s coaching sessions have helped reignite my passion for teaching, encouraging me to continue to strive for a child- centred classroom. His genuine and meaningful coaching keeps me motivated on my teaching journey. Our group coaching sessions are a safe space where educators are encouraged to share, challenge and elevate one another. Kyle is key in igniting the groups creativity and promoting innovation. He has the ability to tune in to each individual and listens carefully to their needs. He spends time getting to know the educator you are and the educator you strive to be. Kyle has supported me to identify my strengths and we build on these together. His energy and guidance keeps me on track to be the best teacher I can be.” – 

Rosie Westall,

Waldorf Teacher
Facilitator Bio

Kyle Wagner is the founder and lead consultant for Transform Educational Consulting, an organization that empowers forward thinking schools to grow and develop 21st century learners.

His work with project- based learning and design thinking experiences spans 12 years, three continents and over 15 schools. He has worked with successful public, charter and international schools in the Asia region including ESF, YCIS, IMS and ISB, HARBOUR SCHOOL and VTC. He is the former Coordinator of Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing, a program that uses interdisciplinary project- based learning to connect students to their passions and the world outside of school. His book “The Power of SIMPLE” documents this experience and helps provide simple, research- based strategies for developing students as 21st century problem solvers.

Kyle is also a former educator and project leader at High Tech High, the famous project-based learning school featured on the hit documentary “Most Likely to Succeed.” He holds a M.Ed. (Masters Degree) in Teacher Leadership with a thesis that focuses on developing democratic classrooms and distributed leadership models. When not writing or teaching, he is performing with his original band, participating in karaoke contests and traveling the world with his partner. He currently resides in Hong Kong where he spends time developing schools of the future while helping other school leaders build theirs.

Become a master PBL practitioner
in less than 10 months.

$1,295 USD or $500 USD per module. Apply for the Expert Practitioner Coaching Program Below:

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