Through Project-Based Learning.

We help forward-thinking schools create socially, emotionally and globally aware
learners through project-based learning.

Why project-based learning? 

Because every school is unique.
Project-Based Learning, w
hen implemented effectively, allows students to solve complex problems, think creatively, sustain inquiry, work collaboratively, and develop as social, emotional and global citizens.

The challenge is that many schools lack the training,
resources, skills, and structures to allow for these deep learning experiences. That’s where TEC
helps make things simple:

Project-based learning FOUNDATIONS

A simple tool kit for teachers to understand and get started with implementing a few simple experiences throughout the year.

    Project-Based Learning Intermediate

    A blended training that helps teachers design, deliver and assess transformative learning experiences, while providing leaders with the skills to support them. 

    PBL Custom-Build

    Build a custom training for your teachers and leaders.

    “Kyle’s ability to relate project- based learning to the standards based curriculum we offer in support of our students’ passions has really elevated the learning for all students in Futures Academy.”

    Tarek Razik

    Head of School, International School of Beijing, China

    Kyle’s ability to discern the needs of students, develop mission-aligned school goals, and empower teachers is truly remarkable. With a hands-on action-oriented approach, Kyle balances ideas and content, with self-discovery and group collaboration in an artful way that is unique and authentic.

    Matt Neylon

    Director of Arts, The Mount Vernon School

    b3lineicon|b3icon-bulb-gear||Bulb Gear

    When I became an educator 12 years ago, I had a clear vision for school.

    Schools would create dynamic experiences for students that connect them to their passions and work that matters in the real world.

    After teaching and working at some of the most innovative schools in the world including High Tech High and Futures Academy, I founded TEC to help forward thinking schools grow and develop their own socially, emotionally and globally aware learners through project-based learning.

    — Kyle Wagner

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