Looking to transform your school to foster 21st Century Skills but don’t know where to start? The power of SIMPLE will inspire you to create those changes in your school through the introduction of five simple strategies. 

The Power of Simple describes how Kyle Wagner used five simple strategies to co-create Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing — a school that puts students at the center of their learning.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Create individualized experiences for your students

  • Create flexible schedules to allow for these experiences

  • Re-structure your space to impact student learning

  • Become a facilitator of learning

  • Conquer standards and still have time to connect students to the real world

  • Create integrated projects to exceed standards

  • Create a community of innovators

Power of Simple

Simple isn’t complicated.

The Power of Simple

How to transform your school by conquering standards, individualizing learning and creating a community of innovators.

Power of Simple Book Study

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