About Kyle Wagner

Student Agency


I am an innovative learning ninja who empowers forward thinking schools to create more socially, emotionally and globally aware citizens through authentic project- based experiences in student agency.


I believe in the following guiding principles:

  • Innovation in school begins with building a culture that allows educators the freedom to take risks
  • We are not islands. True innovation ‘sticks’ when building a tribe of like minded practitioners.
  • Learning should move beyond the confines of the school walls and into the community
  • Change the pedagogy first before changing the practice
  • Deep and meaningful learning is the merging of head, hand and heart

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The mission of Transform Educational Consulting Limited is—

to help empower forward thinking schools deepen student learning

through innovative 21st century learning experiences and teaming structures.

TEC has now helped schools transform across the globe.

“Kyle’s trainings are by far the most engaging, relevant, tailored and helpful that I’ve ever been a part of. With Kyle’s approach to planning projects, our learning experiences are much more rigorous and easier to manage.

Chris Bush

Year 9 Coordinator Prahran High School, Australia


When I became an educator 16 years ago, I had a clear vision for school. Schools would move beyond the limited confines of their walls to create dynamic learning experiences that allowed students to serve purpose in the real world. Students wouldn’t just learn subjects, they would become real scientists, architects, engineers, and business owners; addressing and solving community problems by working directly beside professionals in the field. After working at and with some of the most innovative schools in the world, from High Tech High in San Diego, to leading ‘Futures Academy’ at the International School of Beijing, I realized that many school leaders share my vision. They too desire to transform student learning experiences and connect their students to work that matters.

But I also realized that these leaders faced a great challenge. Many have incredibly large staffs to support, a complex, top heavy curriculum to deliver, and a constant feeling of not having enough time for these kind of transformative learning experiences. And so, after leading this innovative program, I vowed to help leaders achieve similar milestones at their schools. I left the incredibly successful program I founded to help these leaders achieve their own unique vision for school.

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