Learn the foundations, identify the components, start the design process for your project-based experience.

Learn the foundations, identify key components, start the design in your: 

PBL Starter Kit

This starter Kit includes: 

  • 5 Short Video Lessons to learn how to infuse content, scaffold projects, and work them into your curriculum

  • Access to High-Quality PBL Case Studies Across All Subjects

  • Planning Templates

Start creating more socially, globally, and emotionally aware citizens. Get the kit!  


I just wanted to say a huge THANKS for everything. I really enjoyed the course over the past few weeks. Whenever I thought of PBL, I would always think more about what I wanted students to produce instead of how I wanted them to show their understanding. Your explanations and guidance on the whole process in terms of how we plan for and implement PBL really helped me visualize and better understand how to plan projects for project-based learning that would be engaging, meaningful and allow for student agency. It felt as if the PBL fog was lifted! I’m really excited and look forward to being able to plan and implement PBL now!”

Civen Ho

Elementary School Teacher

Simple project design produces Complex outcomes. Learn the simple design process to create socially, globally and emotionally aware citizens.

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