The 2021 Remote ‘Thrival’ Backpack

Get a backpack packed with 10 FREE resources to make learning more student-centered in 2021. 

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The Remote Teaching and Learning Thrival Backpack for 2021

When most of us were hurled into remote or hybrid learning this year, we did our best. We learned new tech tools, created an online community, and tried to make learning feel the way it does in a dynamic classroom.

We survived. But now it’s time to thrive.

To help you make 2021 one that empowers and engages your learners whether in a remote, hybrid or in person environment, I have put together a backpack packed full of helpful resources. Drop your email above to get access to all the resources. 

Here is what is included:

Big Picture 'Thrival:'

8. ??  1. Vision BoardingDo you write resolutions only to break them by mid-January? Me too. Try a more effective process and create a vision board that helps you live your goals every day! 

??  2. Winter Break Reading List: Do you like to snuggle up next to the heater with a good book? Me too. This list contains 5 of my all time favorite books for innovative educators.

?? 3. Ten School Leader Shift Videos: This year I put out 10 mini- shift videos to help you create systems to support student-centered learning at your school. The backpack includes the entire playlist! 

?? 4. Twelve Student-Led Classroom Shifts: Based on insights and Zoom interviews with leading PBL educators worldwide, I created 12 shift videos that will help you create more learner-centered classrooms. 

?? 5. Innovative Leadership Book Study: This FREE book study guides you through the 5 major questions to ask when transforming your school. From casting the vision to creating flexible spaces, and more real world learning experiences, you will unleash creativity and innovation on your campus.


??  6. ‘Return to Learn’ Remote Learning Playbook: This brilliant playbook put together by the Oakland District has tips and strategies to engage and empower remote learners across all age groups. 

??  7. CoVid Related Project Ideas: This is a co-developed comprehensive list of CoVid related projects to run with your learners. From student designed masks, to mock elections and student mental health videos, this list has it all! 

??  8. Project-Based Case Studies: Looking for more detailed case studies of successful projects ran this year? Here are some of my favorites that describe the project and the ensuing transformations. 

??  9. Self-Paced Design Course: Want to dive deeper into PBL and create your own project-based, remote learning experiences? This self study course will take you through project design, management and assessment. Have a project ready to launch with learners after break! 

??  10. The Ideal Hybrid Schedule: As you think about scheduling for next year, these are 5 important tips to remember, as well as a sample schedule to get you started!  

Just because school’s closed, doesn’t mean the learning has to stop.

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