Confession: I’m as giddy as a school boy right now.

Today I purchased my first ever Midi keyboard. I’ve been playing with it all day. As much as I want to pretend that I have mastered the thing, I’ve barely figured out how to transpose keys. And that was after watching numerous youtube videos and downloading written instructions.

Admittedly, I’m a bit slow.

But I love it.

It’s my new pet project for this much needed Chinese New Year holiday.

I have a little over one week to figure this thing out, because in exactly 9 days, I’m gonna be playing it live on stage. It will be my first full live music performance here in Hong Kong.

What are you learning outside of school right now?

As tempting as it is for us to spend our weekends grading papers, or catching up on lesson planning, it’s even more important that we provide ourselves with the time to relax, unwind and recharge.

I know for a fact that my excitement over my new Midi keyboard will surface in the classroom. It will provide me with new perspective and energy in my work with teachers and students.

What of yourself will you share with students?

In a remarkably illuminating study conducted by the University of Dallas, the researchers found that learning a new skill significantly improves life satisfaction and memory. (see full study here). Not to mention- makes you incredibly interesting to the kiddos you impact on a daily basis!

My Challenge for You this Week

My challenge for you this week is to bring your outside learning into the classroom. If you just took up surfing, bring your board in to show to the kids. If you started learning a new language, practice some words on your second language learners. If you play in a softball league, show students some pictures of your game.

Keep learning. Keep living. And continue your incredible impact on kids!