If you were to create a list of the top 10 most in demand skills in 2020, what would it include? How well are you preparing your students?

Over the weekend I presented in Shanghai on the Top 10 ‘Future Ready’ Skills according to a wealth of research. International Educators across Asia tuned in to share their insights and participate in a discussion of how to best prepare their students.

Their ideas were spot on.

The presentation included:

  • The top 10 ‘Future Ready’ Skills

  • Experiences schools can and are engaging in to better prepare students for these ‘Future Ready Skills’

  • Design shifts necessary for classrooms and schools to reflect a changing workplace environment

Because I believe in doing whatever it takes to transform learning experiences for our students, I want you to have a copy of that presentation as well! I hope it either reaffirms what you are already doing, or provides some additional ideas.

Below is a link to the presentation with additional resources for you.