Do you have trouble focusing on one thing? I know I do. Even as I type this e-mail, my mind is racing to a thousand places.

What will I cook for dinner? Did I reply to that email? Have I fed the fish yet? Did I remember to send that document?

In a fast paced world, with a thousand things we could be doing, it’s hard to prioritize.

But if we are to be effective school leaders and innovators in 2018, that’s exactly what we need to do.

We need to clear out the noise, sift through the clutter, and determine where to exert our most energy and time.

In other words, we need to focus on just #oneword.

My word is “listen.”

Out of the million other possible words I could choose, I know that this one will lead to my greatest growth.

It’s one that I struggle with the most.

I am often far too eager to share without realizing that I have more to gain from listening to the individual stories and perspectives of others.

That’s changing in 2018.

I created this picture to remind me. It sits below the vision board at my house and above my computer at school.