Sample Clips from the Newsroom

All the broadcasts (Youtube Channel)

School: Delia School of Canada, Hong Kong

Project Summary: 

Students will create a school wide youth news team to help report on stories within the school. The news will air regularly from a location and in a format that the students choose. The project will be completed in their film class with the hope of eventually integrating with Humanities and English to help promote cross- curricular opportunities.

Driving Question: How do we build community through media?

Public Product/ Performance: Students will create a regular news broadcast to air from within the school.

Content Covered:

Humanities– Cultural Awareness; interviewing techniques; citizenship

Film- Script writing, story boarding, lighting effects, camera angles, footage, special effects (green screen),

English- Speaking skills, informative writing skills, interviewing skills, researching, source analysis and understanding bias

Technology- Final Cut for storyboarding and editing. Garage Band for music editing.

Project Duration: Ongoing/ All Year


Contact Teacher: Mr. Erdogan

Twitter Handle: @MrErdoganEDU