Learning about the Lizards' Needs

Understanding the lizards’ needs by interviewing a younger student.

School: International Montessori School of Hong Kong

Project Summary: Students in year 6 were tasked with designing an animal habitat for a lower year pet. Pets included lizards, fish, and even an iguana! Students used the design process in order to best understand the pet/ classrooms’ needs, and then used materials in the Makerspace to design the habitat. They presented these designs to the appropriate classrooms, using their feedback and observations of the animals’ behavior to re-design.

Driving Question: How do we ensure the health and happiness of our pets?

Public Product/Performance: Create a habitat designed to help keep the class pet healthy and happy.

Content Covered:

English- Communication skills; use of media in presentations;

Design- Design process; prototyping; feedback cycle; sketch-up and other tech tools to design and prototype

Science- Animal Science; classification; ecosystems; symbiotic relationships

Project Duration: 6 weeks during design tech time (meeting 2 times a week; 12 total hours)

Contact Teacher (s): Natalie Chan and Fraser Miller

Natalie Couch: natalie.couch@ims.edu.hk

Fraser Miller: fraser.miller@ims.edu.hk