School: ETU Beijing

Project Summary: Students will use the scientific process to hypothesize, investigate and eventually grow a school garden. In the process, students will learn about local flora and fauna; climate patterns and growing seasons in Beijing; function and anatomy of plants; and how to keep detailed observations as real botanists.

Driving Question: How do we observe and communicate the magic of plants at our school?

Public Product/ Performance: Turn an area of the school into a growing area to present to parents and the community.

Content Covered: 

English: Journal Writing/ Documentation; story creation around gardens and vegetable growing; oral communication skills in exhibition

Design: Design of garden; design of digital stories on plants in the garden; design of exhibition

Science: Scientific Process; environmental science; botany; biology

Art: art Design of journals and creative nature art

Math: Currency Conversion (for sales of plants at exhibition); x/y plane and grid (for mapping out garden location); scale drawings

Technology: Video and Storyboarding/ Creation (for creating short digital stories of the usefulness of plants in the community).



Digital Stories to communicate how plants from the garden impact the community.

Project Duration: 6 weeks for main project (but cultivation and exhibition took place later in the year).

Contact Teacher (s): Joy Stuhr

Contact Email: