School: Yew Wah International School of Rizhao

Project Summary: The related challenges that the children were involved in were as follows; Rainwater Harvesting challenge, Organic Garden-farming in a local village, Recycling, Reducing and Reusing challenge, Waste Management and striving to be an agent of change.The children were involved in exploring real-world problems and challenges, simultaneously developing cross-curricular skills while working in small groups. They had discussions filled with active and engaged learning, and this inspired them to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects being taught.

Driving Question: What possible impact could the extinction of farmlands and villages have on sustainability?

Public Product/ Performance: Rainwater Collection; Organic Farm; Waste Management Plan; Persuasive Letters to the Local Government

Content Covered:

Mathematics: Statistics, Graphs, Measurements, Time, Area, Perimeter, the 4 operations, Percentages, Fractions and the children put in their best effort thus enjoying every aspect of learning along the way. They successfully practiced all the skills they learnt during the year during the surveys we conducted around our school block.

English: Arguments and Debate, Persuasive Writing and Gathering Information. The children produced a persuasive letter of good quality addressed to the Mayor of Rizhao urging him for his support on our Project.

Project Duration: 8 weeks

Contact Teacher: Lua Farrage Yaganagi

Contact E-mail: