School (s): The Harbour School Hong Kong

Project Summary: 

In a Grade 6 social studies unit, students learned about the industrial revolution and its cultural and social impact on creativity. In The Foundry, they extended their learning by analyzing the efficiency of mass production against the authenticity of artisanal crafting. To achieve this, classes were separated into two groups: assembly-line workers and tradespersons. Both groups were required to replicate and produce a wooden toy train. Students working on the assembly-line chose key roles such as reverse engineers, production leaders, and various other positions, while artisans drafted and crafted their train on their own. Each student not only had the opportunity to apply their woodworking and math skills in drafting blueprints needed for production, but also to execute their leadership skills during the production and quality control process.

Driving Question: What cultural and social impact has the industrial revolution had on creativity?

Public Product/ Performance: A replicated wooden toy train

Content Covered: 

  • Social Studies
  • English- Writing and Speaking
  • Historical Analysis
  • Digital Technology

Contact Teacher: Mark Barnett/ Learning Experience Designer @BarkMarnett