School (s): The Harbour School Hong Kong

Project Summary:

Students in grade 5 were studying inventions of 15th Century, which included the Gutenberg Printing Press. Each pair of students developed a page of a class-book about other inventions of the time and then used our printing press to make copies of the master pane. To create the master pane, students designed and laser cut their own designs while studying the typography of the period. Additional information here—> Industrial Revolution Project

Driving Question: How do we use the technology of the past to demonstrate how we got to where we are today?

Public Product/ Performance: A class book and a working printing press.

Content Covered:

  • Informative Writing
  • Design Technology
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • Manuscript writing

Contact Teacher (s)/ Additional Resources: Mark Barnett/Learning Experience Designer @BarkMarnett (Twitter)