When we return to our classrooms post CoVid 19, whether it’s a blended classroom, or the one we left when this whole tragedy began, it will be tempting to try and make up for lost time.

Pound the books.

Over-schedule, over-structure, and immediately immerse students in academic content.

But as student- centered innovators, we know this isn’t the way to rebuild.

How do we start instead with student inquiry? 

Rosie Westall (rosiejanew@gmail.com), a kindergarten teacher and ‘democratic classrooms’ expert, teaches us how to make this shift. In this short interview, you will learn as a fellow student- centered educator how to:

  • Use simple classroom routines to put students in charge of the learning process
  • Masterfully guide learning in whatever direction your students want to take it
  • Use student passion and interest as a starting point for the learning process- and still be able to teach them how to read, write and do arithmetic
  • ‘Trust in the Process’
  • Get students to ask questions that would baffle full grown adults
  • “Sit back and listen and watch the little people in this world blow you away.”

This interview is part of a 12 series shift to student- centered classrooms. Start making your classroom more student- centered and get access to all the shifts below:

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