What is beautiful work?

This was the question on the minds of two extraordinary elementary and secondary innovators during this period of remote learning. More specifically:

How do we shift students from completing work for a worksheet or exam to producing professional, beautiful work for a real-world audience?

They both created something truly unprecedented.

Imagine your students creating and curating a virtual museum of artifacts that included their performances, artwork, presentations and musical compositions. Or compiling a digital cookbook with professionally recorded videos, interviews, and recipes from their family’s most famed meals.

In these two short interviews, you will learn from Director of Visual and Performing Arts Matt Neylon and 5th Grade Teacher/ PBL coach Alexa Lepp to guide students in producing this kind of ‘beautiful work’ and how to:

  • Get students to hold themselves to higher expectations and save you from ‘working all hours of the day’
  • Get students to ‘fall in love’ with reading and writing using by using real world models’
  • Connect students to experts in the field for critique and review within your own Facebook and Twitter communities
  • Create virtual exhibitions to showcase student work that are more intriguing than Minecraft
  • Stop aiming for perfection and accept that your students’ work is beautiful and deserves to be seen

Get the full interview and the 12 other shifts for student- centered learning here:

12 Shifts for Student- Centered Learning