In this interview with Loni Bergqvist of ‘Imagine If’ , we discuss how to move from isolated and subject- specific silos to lead interdisciplinary and connected real world experiences. You will learn:

  • The starting point for interdisciplinary project planning
  • How the best ideas come from places you’d least expect them
  • How a well designed project can get kids begging you for academic content
  • How to connect content across 3-5 subjects in a short 5 minute meeting


Loni’s Bio: Loni was (and always will be) a teacher. Loni started her career in education teaching at a traditional school in San Diego, California. She became a project-based learning ‘convert’ when she started attending night school in Leadership at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. She began to try (with little success) to do projects in her own class. Loni could see very clearly that her students needed real-world projects desperately but would probably never have access to this type of learning. Loni left her school to teach at High Tech High, knowing one day her mission would be to bring project-based learning to students who needed it the most; the ones who were in traditional schools.

Since 2014, Loni has been working with schools around the world to re-imagine education. Her project-based learning expertise has been used in several international initiatives, including REAL-Projects (Innovation Unit, United Kingdom) and LEAPS (Kata Foundation, Denmark). In 2019, she founded Imagine If where they continue to work with schools to use project-based learning as a catalyst for deep and lasting change.

Connect with Loni on..

LinkedIn: @loniatimagineif

Twitter: @loni_bergqvist

Facebook: @Imagine If