What happens when you use the community as the starting point for meaningful project-based experiences?

The Medford Center for Civic and Social Responsibility has been exploring this question since its inception in 2013. Started as an after school program, they have now helped support 1,000 + mixed age level students design and deliver community projects ranging from slavery memorials to hurricane relief. I sat down with a few student leaders and their advisor to learn more about one standout project; ‘The Body Positivity Mural’ and the secret sauce that made it such a success.

In this short podcast episode, learn from project advisor Michael Skorker, and student project leaders Charlotte and Emma how to:

  1. Facilitate 70+ projects by turning students into self-managers
  2. Connect student work to communities outside of school
  3. Foster collaboration on projects across multiple ages/grade levels.
  4. Transform students from passive participants in projects, to active, empathetic citizens

Connect w/ Medford CCCSR on Facebook: @TheCCSR

View Project on Instagram: @paintingpositivity_mhs

Medford CCSR’s Website: medfordccsr.org 

Medford Center Bio: The mission of the CCSR is to develop responsible global leaders/citizens who will be positive contributors to society and will work to combat important social issues such as global warming, addiction, prejudice, racism, pollution, gender bias, poverty, public education, healthcare, etc. We believe by providing the proper learning activities, we can prevent students from becoming addicted to harmful substances and developing negative perceptions of others.