In this interview, Brett Carrier, a 5th grade PBL teacher and expert learning experience designer, describes how her food truck project transformed her twenty five 5th graders, into business owners and entrepreneurs.

Through our interview, you will learn how to:

  • Build community partnerships for projects
  • Turn students into self-managers
  • Immerse students in the community to do REAL work
  • Infuse experts as project mentors and advisors

Get in Touch with Brett:

Brett’s Website :

Twitter: @carrier_brett

Brett’s Bio: Brett Carrier is a passionate logophile who has taught English for seventeen years. Throughout her entire career, she has fought to empower the students in her classroom, gradually moving from a teacher-centered environment to a student-centered platform for excellence. For this reason, she has fallen in love with Project-Based Learning because it embodies a pedagogy that allows students to explore, question, implement, create, evaluate, and publish. It finds substance in an authentic audience that makes learning more about the “real world” than any textbook or traditionally static project could conjure. Currently, Brett is researching ways to utilize PBL as an integral component within educational and enrichment programs for need-based populations. She hopes to marry its transformational powers with the work ethic of dynamic students who long for change and growth in their own communities.