What if you could motivate all of your students without awarding a single grade?

In this short interview, motivation expert and 8th grade Math/ Science PBL teacher Marc Shulman of world renowned High Tech High teaches us how to:

  • Motivate our most troubled students
  • Build relationships before building projects
  • Seamlessly move from the ‘sage on the stage’ to the architect behind the scenes
  • Get students as young as 12 to produce professional work for real clients…and get paid for it
  • Create a classroom of high expectations where every student plays a part


Marc’s Digital Portfolio (w/ project examples): Digital Portfolio

Connect w/ Marc on Instagram: @mistershulman

Connect w/ Marc on LinkedIn: @marcshulman

Marc’s Bio: 

Marc is a 21 year veteran teacher teaching at a wide variety of schools and grades, all in math and science. He has excelled in PBL and coaching teachers in PBL design, and execution. He has had the opportunity to travel around the world and the United States, opening schools and training teachers and administrators to gain confidence and experience in PBL design. He currently teaches 8th grade integrated math and science at High Tech Middle Media Arts in San Diego, California.