How do you help students reflect as much on process as they do product in project-based experiences?

In this interview with Alfie Chung, leader of the social innovation design unit at PolyU in Hong Kong, we explore how to create a culture of continual reflection and feedback. Using a simple, repeatable process, Alfie has students as young as 11 designing and reflecting innovative solutions to problems ranging from traffic congestion to limited exercise activity at local parks.

In our short interview, you will learn:

  • How to provide high-quality feedback for students using simple systems
  • Why to never throw away ‘first drafts’
  • How to help students become as comfortable with failure as they are success
  • The simple formula for capturing student’s imagination, and retaining it
  • How to use simple prompts to lighten your work load and help students reflect on their own and with peers

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Alfie’s Bio:

Alfie Chung is the assistant project manager for the Hong Kong Design Centre and former project associate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation – the first design institute dedicated to social innovation in Asia. Under the spatial team, his work involves research and generating solutions to urban-social issues in a spatial context such as revitalising idle resources for social housing and creating inclusive open space. His methods include design thinking, open studio, co-creation and dialogue with industry experts and university students.

Outside of his university work, Alfie is also 1 of 63 Google Earth Education Experts and a member of the former Google Earth Education Advisory Board, tasked to explore the potential of Google Earth products in education. Previously, Alfie created and led “Community Mapping” – an urban design education programs focusing on sustainability and inclusivity under UN Ambassador and renowned conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall. The program garnered $650,000HKD of funding and participation of over 800 students from local and international schools. The program has also transformed into many other design thinking, community-driven education program and design projects for corporate clients and education providers. His work has been featured in design magazine Nonagon Style and local media HK01, Apple Daily and Oriental Daily.