What if instead of demonstrating understanding through a worksheet or end of term exam, students produced beautiful, professional work for real clients, and exhibited it in the community?

This is what Alexa Lepp, a PBL and Technology coach gets elementary students to do on a regular basis.

In our short interview, Alexa shares how to:

  • Introduce students to real clients and connect core subjects seamlessly to project tasks
  • Get students to hold themselves to higher expectations and save you from ‘working all hours of the day’
  • Get students to ‘fall in love’ with our core content by using real world models
  • Connect our classrooms with real world experts and project partners through our own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram communities

Connect with Alexa on Instagram @alexalepp, on Twitter @AlexaLepp or LinkedIN @alexa-lepp-9a3104186.

Alexa’s Bio: 

Alexa Lepp is an educator and Project Based Learning coach from Southern California. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. Alexa has been in education for ten years with a background in teaching students across 5th-12th grade. She has also worked with educators across the nation, grades K-12, on how to integrate PBL in their educational practices. She is currently working as a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) in a High School in Acton, California, as an Independent Study Mentor-Teacher, ASB Advisor, technology coach, and professional development team member.