How do you reflect on Project-Based Experiences?

While I hope you provide students ongoing opportunities throughout the project for reflection, feedback and critique, you may be looking for a tool that allows you to capture their final reflections while targeting areas for improvement in future projects.

I have created a helpful tool for you to use. The PBL Evaluation Form allows you to collect student feedback on:

  1. Project Design (6 questions/categories)
  2. Project Implementation/Management (7 questions/categories)
  3. Project Assessment (5 questions/ categories)
  4. Project Exhibition/ Final Product (4 questions/categories)
  5. Project Team Efficiency (5 questions/categories)
  6. Teacher Efficacy (5 questions/categories)
  7. Overall Mark
  8. General Project comments

Get the evaluation tool for free below:


Free PBL Student Evaluation Form