It’s the beginning of a new school year and I am wondering as a leader where project-based learning fits into your overall strategic plan.

One international school I work with recently created ‘PBL Leads’ and ‘Subject Coordinators’ for each year level. Their job is to collaborate on cross-disciplinary opportunities for project- based experiences from elementary across each division.

Another school I work with recently re-visited its long term goals, including ‘creating more rigorous and relevant learning experiences’ for students, and are mapping out specific actions for PBL during the 2021 school year.

How will you create a space for student-centered learning experiences?

The visual above is a sample roadmap.

It’s based on my 15+ years experience leading PBL.

And unlike a ‘strategic plan’ that sits buried in a computer hard drive, only to be visited once a year by a small team; it is a living, breathing visual based on ACTION that propels the whole school forward every day.

Year 1 is for beginning implementation with a small team of practitioners. Projects involve simply transforming a traditional unit of study into one that has a more authentic and meaningful outcome.
Year 2 is for deepening your staff’s ability to design and implement experiences in cross-disciplinary teams, with coaching to support each teacher within their classroom.
?Year 3 is for removing yourself, distributing leadership for PBL, and building authentic connections for student exhibitions and partnerships with the wider community.
?Year 4 is when the dream of student-centered learning is realized, with a fully integrated curriculum, school-wide portfolios and presentations of learning.

But your school is unique. You have your own needs.

And there is no such thing as a ‘one-size fits all’ plan.

I would love to help imagine together what your school might look like with student-centered, project-based learning experiences, and how to get it there.

Schedule a short, free 30 minute strategy call and let’s dream together.