How do we move from teacher- led learning to facilitated and learner-led environments?

Luna Rey, a former High Tech High School student and now project- based teacher working with low income, at-risk youth, shares the transformation we can experience when we are willing to LET GO.

Through the retelling of her personal story of classroom transformation, we explore how to:

  • Embrace uncertainty and failure
  • Use student-initiated discussions as the starting point for incredible learning experiences
  • Use student peers as the class’ greatest motivators
  • Build strong relationships with students in order to build rigor
  • Borrow and build on projects that we saw displayed on a wall
  • Use the power of exhibition to produce beautiful work

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Connect with Luna on Twitter @missionsquash and LinkedIn @luna-rey

Luna’s Bio:

Luna Rey is an energetic and innovative leader and educator who has worked with students from kindergarten through 12th grade through Columbia University, Portfolio School, Teach for America, and Mission Squash of Houston.

Luna received her Bachelor of Arts in American Studies with a concentration in English from Columbia University, where her work focused heavily on problems of equity in education. While at Columbia, Luna worked in the Office of Financial Aid & Educational Finance where she developed extensive knowledge of college admissions and financial aid and worked to strengthen financial aid and admissions to provide more support for first-generation and low-income families. In addition, she taught Columbia’s year-long Freedom & Citizenship course to low-income high school seniors living in New York City.

In 2015, Luna was hired as the founding Admissions Coordinator for Portfolio School, a mixed-age, project-based school in Manhattan. During her time at Portfolio, she drew upon her experiences working in the High Tech High Graduate School of Education to connect with educators and curate meaningful, creative, and rigorous projects for her elementary school students.

Prior to joining Mission Squash, Luna taught 7th and 8th grade English, writing, and history at KIPP Connect Middle School in Houston. Currently, Luna utilizes her project-based learninng background and educational experience to support her as the Executive Director of Mission Squash, a non-profit organization which empowers students from Houston’s under served communities to unlock & maximize their potential through intensive, year-round academic, wellness and enrichment programs. As a low-income and first-generation college student herself, she is passionate about continuing to grow Mission Squash so that they may serve an even wider community in Houston.