When learning went remote, most teachers put project-based experiences on hold.

It was just too hard for them to make online learning as hands-on, collaborative, and engaging as it was in the classroom.

But not Sara Lev, an early childhood expert and master PBL practitioner.

She had her 4-6 year old students co-creating websites, launching podcasts, and building an online community that fosters WOW and WONDER.

How did she do it? 

In this episode, Sara shares her secrets, and how to:

  • Discover student interests through a 5 minute virtual tour- and design projects around them
  • Build the same relationships and community online that you do in the classroom
  • Get 100% of your kids to show up and turn their cameras on
  • Foster seamless collaboration and group work
  • Scaffold experiences to allow all learners to reach success
  • Create WOW and WONDER in online learners!

Connect with Sara on Twitter @saramlev.

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Sara’s Bio: 

Sara Lev is the co-author of the book Implementing Project Based Learning in Early Childhood: Overcoming Misconceptions and Reaching Success (Routledge, 2020) and is a contributing author to the new NCTM book Making Mathematics Come Alive in the Elementary Classroom with Project-Based Learning (edited by Jean S. Lee and Enrique Galindo, 2021). She has been an early childhood teacher in public, private and charter school settings since 2005, and currently teaches Transitional Kindergarten in Los Angeles. Sara received her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College in New York City, and is a member of the National Faculty of PBLWorks where she facilitates Project Based Learning workshops for PreK-12 educators. She is also a Yoga Ed. trainer where she leads workshops for educators in how to use Yoga and mindfulness tools in a variety of learning environments. Sara enjoys working with educators both nationally and internationally, supporting teachers and school leaders in implementing learner-centered practices and approaches into all classroom settings. She brings her passion for young children to every teaching, learning, coaching, and consulting opportunity.