With the move to hybrid and blended learning environments, collaboration and co-creation can now occur across multiple mediums. Yet many teachers are still designing learning experiences confined to the classroom.

How might we leverage digital tools to co-create deep and meaningful learning experiences that allow learners to collaborate and build anytime, anywhere?

In this interview, ‘Miss Betzy,’ Innovations and Instructional Coach at Decroly International School teaches us how to:

  • Design empowering hybrid learning experiences
  • Make the online space more collaborative
  • Provide student voice/choice in what they create, and how they are assessed
  • Develop virtual and alternative reality (VR/AR) environments for learners to design in
  • Use simple tools for students to evaluate their work
  • Make mundane academic content COME TO LIFE!

Learn more and connect with Betzy on Twitter, and LinkedIn, or get simple free tools via her website: https://geg.gt/. 

Register for Betzy and Kyle’s presentation on using Co-Spaces to create collaborative hybrid learning environments! 

Betzy’s Bio:

Miss Betsy, as she loves to be called, has enjoyed the wonderful journey in education for about 22 years. She really loves sharing her experiences in teaching and learning with other educators and that is why she is now the High School Innovation teacher and Instructional Coach. She also leads a Google Educator Group, the first one in her country, which gives her the opportunity to share, learn, inspire and empower more educators in Latin America. Betzy discovered how meaningful and transforming PBL can be and has committed to learn more about it and accompany other teachers in creating engaging learning experiences through it. Betzy is also a CoSpaces ambassador and is certain that Virtual Reality is a great complement in PBL. She would love for you to support the #NotGoingBack campaign since she believes that the pandemic and remote learning left valuable lessons and skills that teachers in their classrooms must continue harvesting.