Being an innovative and imaginative Project-Based teacher can be lonely. Sometimes we are the only ones doing this work in the corner classroom of a large school.

What if there was a way to expand the audience and find collaborators for our project-based experiences? Might we feel less isolated?

In this short episode, Kelly Pfeiffer, human network architect, dedicated PBL educator, author, blogger and presenter shares how she accomplished this through the ‘Dark Sky’ Project. She shares how she connected her project to NGOs, other schools, 60+ industry experts, and even the ministry of education. She also shares how we can:

  • Build community collaborators by starting PBL with a real, authentic problem
  • Leverage social media and other channels to find project mentors within minutes
  • Find your PBL ‘tribe,’ and build capacity for PBL across your entire school
  • Build meaningful projects in the metaverse with your students as co-creators
  • Use PBL to transform formerly passive students into active, engaged problem-solvers and global citizens

Connect with Kelly:


Twitter (@kelmade5)

‘Dark Sky’ Project Website (free resources):

Kelly’s Bio:

A human network architect, dedicated educator, author, blogger and presenter, Kelly is the point person for PBL Global in Australia and an innovator in distance education PBL. Kelly co-created the widely-adopted Dark Sky PBL unit, nominated for the Dark Sky Defender award through the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). In 2019, she won the Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools (AADES) for Teaching Excellence. In addition, her Dubbo School of Distance Learning Futures Team received the New South Wales Department of Education Technology 4 Learning (T4L) award for Leader in Developing Digital Collaborative Communities.