What do learner-centered classrooms look like?

15 years ago, as a rookie PBL teacher, I wouldn’t be able to answer that question. But after leading and teaching in some of the most renowned PBL schools in the world, I can confidently answer that question.

Learner-centered classrooms require 12 key shifts.

Making these shifts will tranform a teacher-led classroom, into one that creates student self-managers, leaders, and 21st century socially, globally and emotionally aware citizens.

With the help of my dear friend, mentor and co-founder of High Tech High Rob Riordan, we have outlined each of the 12 shifts, and the necessary steps to get there.

In this episode, I detail each shift and how you can make them in your classroom, school or own learning environment.

Take the 12 Shifts Scorecard: www.transformschool.com/12shiftsmastermind