How do you build community partners for project-based experiences to make learning more ‘real world,’ and meaningful for students?

There’s the ‘old school’ way of doing things. 🥱
Plan a learning experience inside your classroom in a silo, or shared office, and then figure out how it fits with the community.

Or there’s the more effective, ’21st century’ way of doing things.
BUILD the project together with students and community partners 🤝.

That’s how Julia Kao, PBL teacher, and community outreach curator at VIS OneWorld Lab School in Taiwan builds projects.

In this short podcast episode, we learn from Julia how to:

  • Develop community partnerships that last well beyond the project due date
  • Help students co-create products with community partners that serve purpose in the real world
  • Utilize community partners for feedback, critique and adjudicators for student work
  • Seamlessly integrate your core curriculum and content to lead to DEEPER learning



Program Overview

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