Are you taking the challenge of launching into PBL and exploring the Russia/Ukraine conflict through a Model United Nations?

Before diving in and having students decide upon which countries to represent, it’s best to discover what they may already know, and which questions they wish to explore.

Starting with their inquiries will allow you as the facilitator to help clear up misconceptions, address stereotypes, and engage them around deeper exporation.

Here’s how to run the ‘think, puzzle, explore’ activity above:

  1. Draw up a three column chart like the one above
  2. Model in front with post-its by writing something you ‘think you know’ about the conflict, a ‘puzzle/question’ you have, and how you will ‘explore’ the answer to the question
  3. Next, distribute post-its to the class and have them complete the activity
  4. Ask for students to bring post-its to the front chart paper
  5. Review each column, and ask if students are willing to share what they think they know. For the puzzle category, ask if anyone in the class might have the answer
  6. Finish the discussion by indicating that they will have a few questions answered with the informative video below:

The Russia-Ukraine Crisis explained – -> Short Summary (This is the most comprehensive video I could find)

After the video, revisit your T,P,E chart above and ask students to address any questions answered in the film, while writing one new question they may have as a result.

If you are teaching online, this activity can be completed using a Google Jamboard. (sample here around another topic)

In solidarity for 🇺🇦 Ukraine and in hope for a ✌️peaceful world.

Your [co] learning experience designer,

p.s. In case you missed the post around running Model United Nations, here it is, and here is the folder with all the resources for you.