What if you were given a blank canvas to design a new school from the ground up?

How would students spend their day? What learning experiences would it include? What would the building look like? Would they even need a classroom?

Most of us don’t have the luxury to build from the ground up, but with micro-schools, edu- innovators like you are beginning to re-imagine the schooling experience.

With their small, flexible structure, micro-schools are able to rapidly adapt and design more learner-centered experiences.

I sat down with micro-school founder Michael Ha, to learn about his brand new open age, experiential, project-based, personalized, biosphere and sustainability grounded ‘Elements College.’ Through our interview, you will learn how to:

  1. Come up with the design principals to accelerate our own learner-centered environments
  2. Build and scaffold self-management and self-directed skills in learners
  3. Embrace the 6 C’s and make them come to life
  4. Connect learners to the Metaverse
  5. Organize learning experiences that move beyond the four walls of our classsroom and into the biosphere
  6. Build a reflective culture that allows for rapid prototyping and iteration

Learn More about Elements College: https://www.elementcollege.com.au/

Connect with Michael via LinkedIn (@michaelhaedu) and Twitter (@MichaelHaEDU).

Join the Micro-School Design Challenge with innovators around the world: innovationhub.school/reschool-sprint

Michael’s Bio: 

Michael believes that a bottom-up approach of rethinking education is the best approach to accelerate change, and is committed to share an open-sourced playbook on the development and ongoing operations of this learning ecosystem. Outside of Element College, Michael is the Executive Director of the Institute of Deeper Learning, supporting schools on the implementation of pedagogical practices across K-12 schools, foster staff professional growth, and facilitate the development of cultures of learning globally. Attesting to his commitment to professional learning, Michael is a Doctorate candidate (UNSW) in educational leadership. Outside of education, he is a founding member of Bank of Cancer Research, a social enterprise that aims to fund open-source cancer research.