Have you started debates yet for your 🇺🇦 Model United Nations Conference? 

Last  week we discussed the importance of scaffolding the skills students will need to understand, explore, and eventually formulate their own country’s perspective on the conflict.

This is a global conflict, with multiple stakeholders.

A simple way to help them understand multiple perspectives is through an activity called ‘Walk the Line.’ 

This activity involves students stand on a taped line in your classroom from ‘1-5’ based on their opinion around a statement projected from the front of the room. ‘1’ is ‘Strongly Disagree.’ ‘5’ is ‘Strongly Agree.’

For example, you might post the giant statement: “There should be a strict dress code in school.”

Students stand in the relevant position on the line based on their opinion 1-5.

Once students have found their places, ask them to formulate 3 arguments with peers near them to defend their position. Lead them in a class discussion to share these positions.

As groups deliver arguments, let students know that they can change their opinion at any time and move up or down the line.

I’ve seen students go from ‘Strongly Agree’ to ‘Strongly Disagree’ in a matter of minutes because it’s the first time they have heard from another perspective.

After 15 minutes of discussion, circle students together and debrief these questions:

‘What’s changed for you?’
‘What were some of the most compelling arguments?’
‘Talk about your demeanour. Were you able to stay calm?’
‘What was challenging?’ 

‘What did you find that everyone agreed on?’

Finally, preview the upcoming Model United Nations Conference where they will have the opportunity to come to agreement with nations representing multiple viewpoints.

And most importantly, be sure to send me pictures of how it goes. 😊

Your [co] learning experience designer,

p.s. In case you missed it, here is the folder full of resources to run your Model United Nations Conference, and here are all the posts I have written on the topic.

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