When a young girl from Cuba arrived in Lua’s PBL class, she had zero English.

But within two months, because of a hands-on project, she was able to deliver full presentations in her second language.

In this episode, I sit down with Lua Yaganagi and her adorable students, in a mixed-age primary PBL classroom in Rizhao, China to hear how projects ranging from building a class garden, to designing Olympic Games helped students:

  • Acquire reading, writing and listening ESL skills.
  • Grow in confidence.
  • Co-teach their younger peers.
  • Discover their personal passions.
  • Improve their English speaking vocabulary.

For a full write up of Lua’s Class Garden Project: https://bit.ly/3KGtgan

Get the free PBL Design Kit: https://projectbasedlearning.teachable.com/p/pblstarterkit