Returning back after a holiday break is exciting.

Our staff and students are re-energized, refreshed, excited, and ready to take on a new semester of learning.

So are we.

As visionary leaders, our temptation is to capitalise on this new energy and introduce a strategy that we know will enhance teaching and learning in our classrooms. A strategy like project-based learning.

But here’s the problem with this approach.

Unless PBL is artfully connected to deeper visioning work from earlier in the year, it will feel like yet ANOTHER initiative for an already overburdened staff. ANOTHER responsibility to add to a teacher’s or student’s overflowing plate.

Instead of starting with PBL, it is far more effective to first begin with a collective vision of what learning might look like in the new year.

And in my humble opinion, there is nothing more effective in capturing this collective vision than a Vision Board.

A vision board is a board filled with words, phrases, pictures and ideas for what we hope to become or accomplish. Vision boards help open our minds to new possibilities; and provide a starting point for welcoming in new experiences.

Here’s my vision board for 2023…

In only 3 days time, this 2023 vision board has already helped me get laser focused around the activities, habits and goals I want to establish to reach it.

Imagine the power something like this can have for your learners; or the staff you help lead/oversee.

To create it, all you need is blank white paper, some colored pens, old magazines and a LOT of imagination.

  1. First, cut out words, phrases and pictures that represent the kind of things you (or your team) aspires to in the New Year
  2. Next, place them face up on a table above a sheet of blank white paper
  3. Place them strategically on the white paper in an arrangement that is appealing
  4. Glue them down
  5. Finally, get a picture that captures your (or your group of learners/team/staff) most authentic version of self

Step 6 – – -> Place it in a highly visible place and WATCH it come to life.

A vision is powerful. And it’s even more powerful when it’s co-created.

I wonder how creating a vision board might support you in enhancing your learner-centred environment in the new year?

As always, I’m here to help bring it to life. 😊

P.S. I would love to help you develop your vision for a learner-centred environment. Schedule a free 20 minute visioning session here (normally $250 USD per hour).